An important video for all parents, coaches and players

Concussion, First Aid and CPR training.
PCJSL in conjunction with JumpStartMed is proud to offer Free CPR, First Aid and Concussion Training for all registered PCJSL members!

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Attention coaches and team managers…
Players names are NOT allowed on uniforms or practice jerseys. This is a safety issue and consistent with US Youth Soccer and AYSA recommendations. Please work with us to keep our players safe and refrain from putting names on jerseys.

Saturday game days can be very hectic! Find your game's field onFIELD FINDER. Use the mapping utilities available from Google and Bing to print out a route to your game's site ...they even give you a traffic adjusted travel time and distance for your trip or put the GPS coordinates in your car's GPS or in your cell phone. Drive safe, your cargo is very important. Have a great Saturday !




According to many safety organizations, including the National Lightning Safety Institute, the 30/30 rule should be applied when dealing with lightning.   It simply says that if the time between the visual sighting of a lightning strike and the sound of thunder is less than 30 seconds, cover needs to be found immediately.   The second “30” refers to the amount of time (in minutes) that you must wait until after the last thunder is heard before you return outside.

Statistics for lightning injuries and deaths are shocking.   According to US Youth Soccer, over 400 children are struck by lightning each year, with nearly 80 deaths occurring and many more with permanent disabilities.   The National Lightning Safety Institute reports that lightning deaths rate #2 in weather related deaths each year behind floods, ahead of tornados and hurricanes.  Many many more sustain serious permanent neurological injuries.

Coaches, parents, players and all associated youth sports need to become informed about the dangers of lightning, what to do when it occurs, how to protect themselves, and what to do in an emergency when someone is struck by lightning.

Go to the links below for more detailed information:

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